The Safety Wand was developed with and for the aviation industry, to have the Ultimate Director Wand for taxiing aircraft over 10 years ago. We continue to upgrade materials, circuitry, and switches to make our product stand out from cheaper imitations.

We strive to have the best customer service and shipping polices to make every transaction as seamless and cost effective as possible. Safety Wand Corporation encourages feedback from our customers and uses this information for continued quality control and product development.

A Quality Tool for a Demanding Industry

Since 2005, we have been designing, developing, and improving our product to be the “Ultimate Director Wand” in the aviation industry. Our team has worked with several people from this industry to make the Safety Wand HD the best tool for the job, whether it's taxiing planes or directing crowds.

Additionally, we are constantly finding ways to improve our manufacturing practices as well as upgrade our product with better materials, circuitry, and switches. We do this to make our marshaling wands stand out from cheap imitations and provide our loyal customers with the best possible product that they can count on for years.


Your Satisfaction Is Our Priority

We strive to have the best customer service and shipping policies to make every transaction as seamless and cost-effective as possible. Our team is always ready to answer your questions and help you have a wonderful experience with us and our products.

Tell Us What You Think

Customer feedback is important to us. We use your opinions and suggestions to maintain and improve the quality of our company’s several aspects, from our products to our shipping processes. So get in touch with us today and tell us how we can better serve you.