Thank you so much for sending me the L8960.

Having served decades as a police officer and EMS responder, I very often could have used this great device at accident scenes. Unlike the Mag-Lite with cone, the L8960 is far superior for many reasons:

    Extremely brilliant


    Compact and easily storable

    Blaze orange color for daytime visibility

    One piece unit never becomes unassembled  

I will keep it close at hand in my vehicle.

Thank you again and best wishes.


Larry Zeleznik

Green Bay, WI


Thank you for the samples.  After some thorough and impractical testing,

I've determined that these wands exceed our expectations.  They were turned

on and dropped multiple times, thrown down to the concrete, launched across

the parking lot, thrown about 50' into the air landing on concrete, run over

by our 6 wheel Gator, and finally run over by our Humvee for good measure.

I've attached a picture showing the effects of the abuse.  The results were

impressing.  One small crack where the top of the wand meets the base from

the launch across the parking lot, the bottom of the base breaking off from

the 50' toss straight up into the air and landing on the concrete, and the

two white lines on the top part of the wand where the weight of a Humvee

only creased it but did not break it.  After all this, both units still

worked.  Needless to say, I will be ordering.....

Thanks again,

John E. Hipple, SSgt, USAF

Maintenance Special Operations

Joint Base Charleston, SC. 29404

I just want to provide y'all with a testimonial.  I received my HD Safety Wand last week, and while I did not throw it across the runway, or chunk it in the air, I did want to comment on the structure and soundness of the wand.  It is very well made, the batteries do not wiggle or move around at all and everything is a nice snug.  The light itself is so bright and illuminant.   Overall, this is such a great product, especially for the price.  Count me in for another one in 100 years ;-).  Thanks again!

 Officer Cochran

   I find the need to reiterate my last email....

The HD Wand has done beautifully since I obtained it.  Working nights, it truly helped when I had a wreck and needed to direct traffic.  The brightness of the Wand, plus the handiness of it when hand in hand.  Not to mention that we had rain, and sure enough it powered through it.  Keep making such a great product! 

Thanks again!

Officer Cochran

Crime Prevention Officer

Lago Vista Police Department