Safety Wand Corporation

The Safety Wand is getting a New Switch with Industrial Circuitry- tested for 10,000 cycles, and a more powerful LED for the Brightest Safety Wand ever! Coming Soon! In the meantime, take advantage of our Winter Sale!!
The Safety Wand was developed with and for the aviation industry, to be the Ultimate Director Wand for taxiing aircraft over 10 years ago. We continue to upgrade materials, circuitry, and switches to make our product stand out from cheaper imitations. This durable, reliable, multipurpose tool is a must have for aircraft marshaling, road safety, fire departments or any other application where you may need a safety wand. After years of research and development, this new design is the best and brightest Marshaling/ Director Wand on the market. Made with reinforced PP and PC for super strength, using Stainless Steel internals eliminates rust, and we use only the brightest Commercial Quality LEDs, this product is superior to the rest. Its sealed mechanical switch makes it easy to use, with no assembly required. The Safety Wand HD is water, spark, rust, grease, and shatter resistant equipped to handle anything you may throw at it.

This Safety Wand HD is ideal for:
    Marshaling Aircraft
    Directing Traffic, day or night, rain or shine.
    Directing Customers for Sporting Events, Concerts and Parking
    Roadside Protection/ Marker(Can be placed inside a traffic cone)
    Crowd Control
    Police and Fire Departments